Services and Operations

Mission:  Provide facilities, programs and services to support and promote learning, leadership, and life skill development.


Vision: Contribute to student retention and satisfaction of customers by 


  • providing facilities that make educational/professional development more intentional and directed
  • maintaining and managing facilities to high standards and being responsive to customer/client needs
  • striving to be at the forefront of its field by identifying and following ‘best practices’
  • promoting high ethical standards and value driven decision making
  • focusing on operational quality, service, innovation and value
  • promoting sustainability in operations that will ‘give back’  to the campus and community


Core Functions:


  • Manage Havener Center operations and other student facilities
    • 4500 events each year with over 500,000 patrons
  • Assign and approve space for student, campus and community events
    • 15,000 requests in campus facilities each year
  • Coordinate Division External Relations Programs
    • Parent & Family Advocacy programs
    • Division Marketing, web and print
    • Meetings, Camps and Conferences
    • Ombudsman services
  • Coordinate Student Affairs Facilities maintenance
    • Havener Center
    • Residence Halls
    • Student Health
    • Athletic Fields
  • Student Affairs Contract Management
    • Dining Services
    • Bookstore
    • Vending
    • Utilities
    • Maintenance
  • Provide Student Affairs Department Support
    • Payroll Services
    • Procurement
    • Maintenance
    • Renovation and Construction
    • Recycling and sustainability

Our Values

Student Services & Operations is committed to ethical and value-driven decision making essential to ensuring fiscal responsibility for the Division of Student Affairs and the Missouri University of Science & Technology.  Services & Operations embraces values that provide:

  • Focus on operational quality, service, innovation and value in a competitive environment
  • Responsiveness to service and product needs of all constituencies
  • Identification of "best practices" in our professional services areas
  • Dedication to leadership development for all professionals and students that we reach
  • Commitment to inclusiveness of all people, cultures, and nations
  • Commitment to integrity
  • Commitment to sustainability
  • Commitment to the measurement of success and establishment of necessary standards

Services and Operations programs promote student 

  • Involvement; students benefit from opportunities to participate in cultural, educational, social and recreational programs
  • Leadership; students gain first hand experiences and prepare to function effectively in a free enterprise economy
  • Outreach; activities and programs bring people together and promote citizenship, social responsibility and awareness
  • Community; formal and informal associations within the campus and community promote and value diversity, respect freedom of thought and expression, and cultivate loyalty to the university